Korean Auto Connection were established in 2011 by Deon Bougard and Elizabeth Roux due to the giant need for post motor plan servicing and repairs of all Korean motor vehicles. It all started with a garage at home, a handful of wrenches, spanners, 3ton “car jack” and general mechanical tools.

As their client base grew fast and the need for services and repairs of Korean vehicles grew they knew that the small space and few equipment will not be sufficient anymore. So they decided that the time has come to make an enormous decision to take a leap of faith onto new beginnings and hard work.

They took their entire life savings and plunged it into new equipment such as a small trolley toolbox with efficient equipment inside. They signed a lease of a building were they could provide their services and repairs from and bought their pride and joy their first motor vehicle lift.

With hard work and motivation, today they have a 450sq/f building with 2 motor vehicle lifts, air compressors with air tools, latest diagnostic equipment and all other necessary equipment to provide sufficient services and repairs to all the vehicles that enter their doors.

But don’t let the name fool you. Due to reliable work done on all client vehicles the word got out. They now have a client base consisting of vehicle owners of all makes and models which always leaves with a bright smile.


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Retail Motor Industry Organisation

Korean Auto Connection is a member of the Retail Motor Industry Organization (RMI). As a member, Korean Auto Connection abides by the Code of Conduct which applies to customer and staff-related issues.

Retail Motor Industry

Korean Auto Connection is a member of the Retail Motor Industry Organization (RMI). 

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